Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you...

Where were you when the world stopped turning...those lyrics to the Alan Jackson song are as fresh in my mind today as they were when the song was first released. I know exactly where I was on September 11, 2001 and it seems like yesterday. I was supposed to travel to Ramos Arizpe, Mexico on company business. Dale drove me to work that morning because my flight wasn't first thing and my boss, Jim, was going to drive me to the airport. There were three of us scheduled for the trip. The morning started out pretty normal and then we started getting word about the plane crashes in New York. It was getting closer to the time when we were supposed to leave for the airport. I remember Dale walking me to the car that would drive me a way and giving me the biggest and sweetest kiss and hug. All the while worrying about the news we had received. I assured him that everything would be OK. After all, I was heading to Mexico, not New York. My boss and I headed for the airport and it was silent most of the way. We both had our reservations about leaving, but neither of us wanted to say it. We were to meet our third "travel companion" at the airport. Since we were flying out of PGV it was only a short drive. As we parked the car and entered the airport, our attention was immediately drawn to the television monitors in the waiting area. We watched as the third plane crashed into the Pentagon. With that, Jim turned to me and said, we're out of here. None of us are getting on a plane. Seconds later, they shut down all flights...I think my next emotion was relief, but I'm not sure. All I wanted to do was get back to my husband and then my children. We drove back to the office in utter shock.

I remember holding my husband and children VERY CLOSE that night...while I don't think I was ever in harm's never knows. From that moment on I tried not to take for granted the moments I have with my loved ones.

Today, I remember all those who lost their lives that September day and those that still live with the memories, pain, and loss.

God Bless all of you!


  1. I was at home watching the Today Show when it all happened. I was teaching year round school at the time and was on my three week break. Caroline was just 6 months old. You are right, it seems like yesterday. What a sad day.

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